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About Us

 The Envision Approach


Creating a trusting and supportive environment for our clients.


Developing a therapy plan that acknowledges the uniqueness and individuality of each client.


Working through a  collaborative strengths based approach to help you achieve your goals.

After working in health care and mental health for several years, it became evident that starting out in therapy is not always an easy process. The practice was created with a vision of a client experience that leads to accessible and welcoming services. It is important for clients to feel like they have made the right choice. At Envision Counselling Services we want to ensure that clients feel welcomed and at ease from that very first phone call. Therapy is a process and requires a commitment from clients. We cannot always promise that things will come easily. We do, however, promise our clients that we will create a trusting environment for you to explore your emotions and life challenges. We promise to be adaptable so as to work with the unique strengths of each individual. Lastly, we promise to work WITH the client to help them reach their goals. 

Meet Our Team


Gennie is a virtual a Therapist with Envision Counselling Services. She has various experience supporting individuals within a community and medical setting. Gennie provides virtual support to adults, seniors, and youth (12+) throughout Ontario. She focuses her therapy practice in the areas of anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, COVID-19 burnout, and children's mental health.
Visit Gennie's profile to learn more about working with her. 


Taylor McAllister is the Owner and Therapist for Envision Counselling Services. Taylor has been a Registered Social Worker since 2015 and has varying experience within the medical and mental health field. Taylor focuses her therapy practice in the areas of anxiety,  grief, emotional eating, and working through life transitions. She offers in-person, virtual, and telephone therapy sessions.
Visit Taylor's profile to learn more about working with her. 

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