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Therapist Profile


Gennie Parker, MSW RSW

Hello & Welcome to my Therapist profile. Thanks for dropping by! 

I am a Registered Social Worker in Ontario, and I am an independent Therapist working with Envision Counselling Services. I work with my clients to help them achieve their goals by utilizing specific strategies that are unique to the individual in front of me. I value a wholistic approach when working with clients. I bring my empathetic and outgoing personality to sessions, but I pride myself in being honest, open, and diligent in the work that we do together. What I want my clients to know - I am here to listen and support you. I want to help you understand yourself better 

What to Expect Working with Me

When you start Therapy, we will spend the initial sessions working together to better understand your current situation and challenges. As a Therapist, I strive to listen and understand your experiences in order to help you grow. I will guide you through the therapy process and help you to achieve your goals using a wide range of strategies that are suitable for you. 

In Therapy sessions, we will have honest conversations and we will work together to find the approaches, answers, and healing journey that suits you. People often come to therapy wanting to seek change. My goal, as your therapist, is to help you find that change within you through listening, guidance, and therapeutic support. 

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Professional Services


  • 50 minute individual therapy session: $ 130.00


  • Adults - Individual

  • Children & Youth (12+)

  • Seniors


Master of Social Work 

  • Registered Social Worker: OCSWSSW 

  • Mindfulness Training 

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Certificate

  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Certificate 

  • Various training for anxiety, depression, and trauma. 

  • Training & Experience working with Indigenous Peoples and the LGBTQ+ community 

What Can I Help With? 

  • stress management 

  • anxiety 

  • COVID-19 burnout

  • trauma 

  • depression 

  • grief 

  • adolescent mental health 

  • communication

  • addiction 

  • behavioural issues 

  • life transitions 

  • LGBTQ+ mental health 

  • school issues 

  • self-esteem

A Little Bit about Me

  • When I am not wearing my therapist hat, you can find my doing yoga. 

  • I have a love for books and reading. 

  • I have a never-ending movie and music obsession. 

That's a little about me! I look forward to working together and getting to know more about you! 

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